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Congratulations, Anne Ganguzza! May 2009 Talent of the Month

Congratulations, Anne Ganguzza!

Such A Voice

**Talent of the Month**

May 2009

"I have developed more confidence in myself and my voices [through voice-overs] and have discovered characters within myself that I never knew about before!"          

 -Anne Ganguzza

Anne Ganguzza was repeatedly told what a great, professional-sounding voice she had after recording the messages on her company’s phone system. She decided it was time to pursue a career in voice-overs. Anne enrolled in a the Such A Voice beginner class, "You're on the Air - How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs." A 2006 graduate of the Such A Voice MasterClass, she has now recorded voice-overs for Elements exhibits, the Bergen County Technical Schools, the Bergen One Stop, the Blue Planet Summit 2008 and a live theater broadcast for the premier of IOUSA (

Though initially attracted by the money she could make as a voice-over artist, Anne has discovered an addiction to this newfound creative outlet. She especially enjoys the imagination she brings to voice-over work. "I love the creativity and expression involved in the read of a great piece of copy. It's such a unique challenge that I have never really experienced before. I love it!"

Since her training with Such A Voice, Anne has expanded both her skills and her network.  Last summer she developed her own Web site,, and learned the technical skills required to build and maintain it. Her Web site even includes password-protected areas where her clients can upload copy and download sound files. During a recent audition Anne discovered her talent for British and New York accents. She’s now perfecting her Boston accent.

While some would view relocating from New Jersey to California as a tough transition for a voice-over artist, Anne has seen it as a fun challenge and takes full advantage of everything her new environment has to offer. She currently studies voice acting at a local studio. “I’m having a blast learning the different voice-over disciplines: narration, character animation, dialects, audio books, teleprompter and ear prompter." Through these classes, Anne feels she is getting a lot of exposure to talent agents and producers. "I’m hoping to get picked up by a talent agent this summer who will be able to help me find work in Orange County," she says. With the help of Dave Brow at Sweetwater Sound, Anne purchased a home studio. She now markets herself in California while maintaining her East Coast contacts.

Anne advises new voice talent to bring personality to the read. "It's what makes you unique," she says. Anne has also learned that picking the right voice for a job is subjective. "Learning that small fact took a lot of pressure off of myself and kept me from getting disappointed if I didn't get picked for a job."

Anne still keeps in contact with the students she met in her MasterClass. “I’ve met many wonderful and talented people in the learning process," she says. “[The people at Such A Voice] were just so great—professional and super helpful to me…It was an amazing weekend and such an awesome and beneficial class for me."

Listen to Anne's demo on her Voice Fact page at or on her Web site at

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