Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Voice-over Legend Don LaFountaine Will Be Missed

We write today with a feeling of remorse after the passing on Sunday of a
man that many consider to be the consummate voice-over legend, Don
LaFontaine. LaFontaine was the voice of more than 5000 movie trailers and
countless other voice-over commercials, etc. You'll be hard pressed to
find anyone out there that isn't familiar with his famous "In A World..."
line that he used to begin so many of his tantalizing movie trailors. The
King of the Voice-Over Industry will be missed, but his legend lives on.
Our regrets to LaFontaine's family.

Voice-Over Union Related News: SAG, AFTRA Together For Ad Contracts: Unions Bargain Jointly on Commercial Pact

by Leslie Simmons and Carl DiOrio

AFTRA officially willing to sort out problems that have been brewing with SAG for over two years concerning joint bargaining for commercial contracts under Phase One for respective members. Click on the title to view full article.

Marketing Your Company With Voice Overs

Such A Voice Voice-Over Producer, Coach & Talent, Terry Daniel writes a letter to his clients & potential clients to let them know how they can benefit from the services of a voice-over artist.

Terry DanielConnecting with your target market is the primary purpose of your advertising campaign, but discovering which channels will work is often a bit of a crap shoot. Now that webinars, online advertising, and podcasting are opening new channels of communication, more companies are working on slogans and messages to increase the presence of their brand. Television and radio advertising still offers a lot of benefits, and each and every one of these sales and marketing channels are made better with the use of a voice over.

Adding voice overs to your marketing strategy helps to differentiate your brand and create a unique message. Whether you're trying to persuade your customers to purchase something, present new information, or just entertain an audience, voice overs can deliver your presentation in a unique way. Effectively delivering your message assists in creating a powerful presence for your business; consider how often a jingle, slogan, or just a single sentence can become a part of pop culture. Having the right voice behind your message can definitely "pump or dump" your marketing campaign.

The 1st item to consider with voice overs is what your target market looks like. Consider demographics like age, ethnicity, and location. If you are selling to clients in the South, for example, you might want to choose voice talent and marketing themes with key elements of Southern culture and a Southern accent. When your clientèle can resonate with the voice and message, they are much more likely to remember the slogan, message, and more importantly, your enterprise.

The second thing to consider is how to hire the right voice over talent. Voice over artists can be represented by an agent, or they might have developed their own web pages and online profile. Some voice artist directories can also assist you to focus your quest; these can be searched by keyword, age, type, and background so you can locate a strong match with less legwork involved.

The third item to consider is how long you will need to contract your voice over talent for. If you're developing a selling strategy that includes various marketing messages and promotions for extended periods of time, you'll need to develop a contract with your talent. If you don't want to keep switching voice artists and destroy the true "voice" of your image, consider how you can negotiate payment for the long-term, and plan on hiring the talent for more than just one campaign at a time. In many cases fees are negotiable.

Voice overs are an excellent way to boost your image and extend a more professional image with your marketing campaign. From radio-advertising to podcasts, the voice over plays an essential role in conveying the right communication to your buyers.