Friday, March 28, 2008

3 Big Reasons Why You Need Business Cards in Your Voice Over Business

In the Voice Over and Entertainment industry, image is everything. It is imperative that your voice over business project a professional image. One of the most effective ways you can do this is by presenting those you meet with your business card. Here are 3 big reasons why business cards are so effective in promoting your business:

Business cards are a basic staple for marketing a viable business. The practice of using business cards is world wide. This is why applying them to your advertising and marketing strategy works so well. People love using them and receiving them!

Business cards add instant business credibility. Handing someone your business card gives immediate substance to your business. All your contact and website information is there on your card. They can contact you or visit your site to hear your demos.

Business cards project a professional image. Just consider it your “pocket sized Public Relations” person! Exchanging business cards is a great icebreaker for meetings and other business related functions. All the key information you need for people to know is right there on your card. Instead of explaining what you do to each new person you meet, you can spend time getting acquainted and adding to our own list of contacts. Be ready for every opportunity to hand out your card!

Here is a list of reasons why that feather weight business card carries a ton of heavy weight marketing potential:

• Portability –Business cards can go everywhere you do! They fit in a wallet, pocket or even the smallest evening bag. Take them everywhere you travel.
• Friendly and convenient – All your business information is available on one small card. People in general love to exchange business cards. Where else can you have your own little “personal billboard” that promotes your voice over service? You never know who you might meet or need for your next job!
• High rate of return and referral– Your card recipient will associate your first meeting with your business card. If they can’t use your services now, they will have your information to refer you to someone else. That business card you gave out months ago could lead you to a great VO job tomorrow!

Now go out and get your business cards printed up! Keep in mind that your business card is just as important as your American Express card. Make it a point to “Never leave home without it.”

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grow Your Voice Over Business by Giving It Away!

Volunteering your professional pipes is one way you can build your voice over business. Read on to find out how donating your golden voice can lead to rewarding opportunities for your voice over business.

Building a successful voice over business should not be “all work and no play.” You possess a much needed talent. No matter where you live, there are groups and organizations who would love to work with you! Your next big gig could be stepping up the microphone as a voice over volunteer for charity!

Donating quality time to a local charity or nonprofit is an excellent way to advertise your talent by promoting a worthy cause. There are organizations that desperately need your professional services. They would love to have your professional voice promote their message!

There are several ways you can volunteer your voice over services. You can offer your voice for public announcement spots on radio or television. You can also find organizations nationwide that need great voices to read local news and events for the blind or reading impaired. Nearly every city and town has a reading program to assist the reading impaired.

One such organization is Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic ( ). RFB & D have trained volunteers that read textbooks and other printed materials to produce audio books and learning tools for people of all ages. Be aware that organizations such as this require a good deal of commitment and are looking for long-term volunteers to work with.

There are also networks of privately funded radio stations that perform reading services. You can easily find these organizations by looking up Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations online or in your local phone book.

Not all volunteer work involves time in a recording studio. Do you have acting talent? Enjoy speaking in public? You can offer your vocal expertise to MC charity and nonprofit events throughout the year. You may be the next Master of Ceremonies for a show, beauty contest, auction or other live fund raising event.

Many local businesses also make a point of volunteering their time, products or services to charitable causes. You never know who may be listening! The product or service you are auctioning off today could bring you a new client or two tomorrow!

Volunteering your time and talent provides a much needed and welcomed service within your community. Your time is both well spent and well invested. Every donated experience adds to your career portfolio, builds your professional character and opens the door for new business relationships. People like doing business with those that work to improve the lives of others. Investing time in your community is always an excellent investment for your business.

So, grab your phonebook and let your fingers find an organization you’d love to work for! You can make a substantial difference in the quality of someone’s life by simply doing the work you love! Your charitable heart and vocal talent will both shine!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Success Story: Kelly Klemolin

It has been a long road for Kelly Klemolin to get to where she is today. With a bachelors in finance and a masters in business, Kelly started her professional life as an accountant for eight years. One day she found herself experiencing a crushing feeling as though she couldn't breath. She knew something was wrong, and that she just was not happy in her working life. She started searching.

Eventually she left her accounting position to work as an event planner. In her new position, she interviewed wedding professionals to work with her company. Thru these interviews, she met a pastor. During their conversation they discussed careers in radio, etc. The pastor said to Kelly, "I do want you to know, I think you would be great in radio, but you would make no money at it." About six months later, Kelly spoke with the pastor again. He wanted to help Kelly get into radio, so he called a friend that worked at the local radio station. This friend had a successful morning show, but his real success was in the voice-over work that he did on the side. After doing his full time radio work, in three hours a day, this radio DJ managed to make 1.5 times his regular salary! He took Kelly under his wings, let her read some scripts, etc, and he expressed to her that he felt that she had the potential to do voice-over work! Eventually, they started talking about voice-over demos, etc.

Kelly really wanted to make this happen. She started reading books about voice-overs, and did searches online, etc. She eventually came upon Such A Voice. She watched our free intro to voice-over video online, "You're On the Air...How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs". She talked in depth with Ben Werlin at the Such A Voice office regarding voice-overs and what the opportunities were like, etc. Eventually, Kelly made the decision that she was going to do everything that she could to become successful in voice-overs. She signed up for the Such A Voice masterclass and worked with us in July of '06.

Because Kelly was so serious about becoming successful with voice-overs, she quit her day job, got her home studio set up, and registered herself on before she even attended the masterclass. That go get it attitude has resulted in a lot of success for her. One year after working with Such A Voice, Kelly has developed a client list of 60+!!! She has worked with DC Goode (Hollywood star) in a commercial for NAGICO Insurance (based in the Caribbean). She also did the voice-over for LG Electronics 3D presentation called "Voyage to the Future" that was shown during the Las Vegas' light show. Additionally, Kelly has worked with many other fabulous companies like Skyguard (navigation systems), Verlo (mattress company), and many many more! Kelly's persistent and innovative marketing techniques (eg; mailing CD copies of her demos in red bubblewrap envelopes to stick out from the crowd), hard work, and great voice have helped her get to where she is, and we'll be watching her closely because we think the future is looking even brighter for her.

Congratulations on your success Kelly! We hope that it will inspire many other up and coming voice-talent to follow in your footsteps.