Friday, March 7, 2008

Success Story: Kelly Klemolin

It has been a long road for Kelly Klemolin to get to where she is today. With a bachelors in finance and a masters in business, Kelly started her professional life as an accountant for eight years. One day she found herself experiencing a crushing feeling as though she couldn't breath. She knew something was wrong, and that she just was not happy in her working life. She started searching.

Eventually she left her accounting position to work as an event planner. In her new position, she interviewed wedding professionals to work with her company. Thru these interviews, she met a pastor. During their conversation they discussed careers in radio, etc. The pastor said to Kelly, "I do want you to know, I think you would be great in radio, but you would make no money at it." About six months later, Kelly spoke with the pastor again. He wanted to help Kelly get into radio, so he called a friend that worked at the local radio station. This friend had a successful morning show, but his real success was in the voice-over work that he did on the side. After doing his full time radio work, in three hours a day, this radio DJ managed to make 1.5 times his regular salary! He took Kelly under his wings, let her read some scripts, etc, and he expressed to her that he felt that she had the potential to do voice-over work! Eventually, they started talking about voice-over demos, etc.

Kelly really wanted to make this happen. She started reading books about voice-overs, and did searches online, etc. She eventually came upon Such A Voice. She watched our free intro to voice-over video online, "You're On the Air...How to Really Make it in Voice-Overs". She talked in depth with Ben Werlin at the Such A Voice office regarding voice-overs and what the opportunities were like, etc. Eventually, Kelly made the decision that she was going to do everything that she could to become successful in voice-overs. She signed up for the Such A Voice masterclass and worked with us in July of '06.

Because Kelly was so serious about becoming successful with voice-overs, she quit her day job, got her home studio set up, and registered herself on before she even attended the masterclass. That go get it attitude has resulted in a lot of success for her. One year after working with Such A Voice, Kelly has developed a client list of 60+!!! She has worked with DC Goode (Hollywood star) in a commercial for NAGICO Insurance (based in the Caribbean). She also did the voice-over for LG Electronics 3D presentation called "Voyage to the Future" that was shown during the Las Vegas' light show. Additionally, Kelly has worked with many other fabulous companies like Skyguard (navigation systems), Verlo (mattress company), and many many more! Kelly's persistent and innovative marketing techniques (eg; mailing CD copies of her demos in red bubblewrap envelopes to stick out from the crowd), hard work, and great voice have helped her get to where she is, and we'll be watching her closely because we think the future is looking even brighter for her.

Congratulations on your success Kelly! We hope that it will inspire many other up and coming voice-talent to follow in your footsteps.

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