Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Grow Your Voice Over Business by Giving It Away!

Volunteering your professional pipes is one way you can build your voice over business. Read on to find out how donating your golden voice can lead to rewarding opportunities for your voice over business.

Building a successful voice over business should not be “all work and no play.” You possess a much needed talent. No matter where you live, there are groups and organizations who would love to work with you! Your next big gig could be stepping up the microphone as a voice over volunteer for charity!

Donating quality time to a local charity or nonprofit is an excellent way to advertise your talent by promoting a worthy cause. There are organizations that desperately need your professional services. They would love to have your professional voice promote their message!

There are several ways you can volunteer your voice over services. You can offer your voice for public announcement spots on radio or television. You can also find organizations nationwide that need great voices to read local news and events for the blind or reading impaired. Nearly every city and town has a reading program to assist the reading impaired.

One such organization is Recording for the Blind and Dyslexic ( ). RFB & D have trained volunteers that read textbooks and other printed materials to produce audio books and learning tools for people of all ages. Be aware that organizations such as this require a good deal of commitment and are looking for long-term volunteers to work with.

There are also networks of privately funded radio stations that perform reading services. You can easily find these organizations by looking up Nonprofit and Charitable Organizations online or in your local phone book.

Not all volunteer work involves time in a recording studio. Do you have acting talent? Enjoy speaking in public? You can offer your vocal expertise to MC charity and nonprofit events throughout the year. You may be the next Master of Ceremonies for a show, beauty contest, auction or other live fund raising event.

Many local businesses also make a point of volunteering their time, products or services to charitable causes. You never know who may be listening! The product or service you are auctioning off today could bring you a new client or two tomorrow!

Volunteering your time and talent provides a much needed and welcomed service within your community. Your time is both well spent and well invested. Every donated experience adds to your career portfolio, builds your professional character and opens the door for new business relationships. People like doing business with those that work to improve the lives of others. Investing time in your community is always an excellent investment for your business.

So, grab your phonebook and let your fingers find an organization you’d love to work for! You can make a substantial difference in the quality of someone’s life by simply doing the work you love! Your charitable heart and vocal talent will both shine!

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