Friday, March 28, 2008

3 Big Reasons Why You Need Business Cards in Your Voice Over Business

In the Voice Over and Entertainment industry, image is everything. It is imperative that your voice over business project a professional image. One of the most effective ways you can do this is by presenting those you meet with your business card. Here are 3 big reasons why business cards are so effective in promoting your business:

Business cards are a basic staple for marketing a viable business. The practice of using business cards is world wide. This is why applying them to your advertising and marketing strategy works so well. People love using them and receiving them!

Business cards add instant business credibility. Handing someone your business card gives immediate substance to your business. All your contact and website information is there on your card. They can contact you or visit your site to hear your demos.

Business cards project a professional image. Just consider it your “pocket sized Public Relations” person! Exchanging business cards is a great icebreaker for meetings and other business related functions. All the key information you need for people to know is right there on your card. Instead of explaining what you do to each new person you meet, you can spend time getting acquainted and adding to our own list of contacts. Be ready for every opportunity to hand out your card!

Here is a list of reasons why that feather weight business card carries a ton of heavy weight marketing potential:

• Portability –Business cards can go everywhere you do! They fit in a wallet, pocket or even the smallest evening bag. Take them everywhere you travel.
• Friendly and convenient – All your business information is available on one small card. People in general love to exchange business cards. Where else can you have your own little “personal billboard” that promotes your voice over service? You never know who you might meet or need for your next job!
• High rate of return and referral– Your card recipient will associate your first meeting with your business card. If they can’t use your services now, they will have your information to refer you to someone else. That business card you gave out months ago could lead you to a great VO job tomorrow!

Now go out and get your business cards printed up! Keep in mind that your business card is just as important as your American Express card. Make it a point to “Never leave home without it.”

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