Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Such A Voice Instructor Terry Daniel And East Coast Voice Talent Trish Basanyi Nominated For Best Voice Team Award for 2008

Professional voice-over artists Terry Daniel along with co-host Trish Basanyi have been noticed for their work hosting interactive podcast Voice Overs On Demand with Terry and Trish.

Burlington, VT- The Voicey Awards are a series of awards given out annually to professional voice-over artists. The Voicey Awards began in 2007 and identified five prestigious categories: Best Male Voice, Best Female voice, Best New Voice, Best Personal Branding, and the Lifetime Achievement Award. The awards go to the voice-over talent with the greatest effort and contribution to the voice-over industry over the year. Four new categories were added this year including Best Child Voice, Best Teen Voice, Best Voice team Award and Best Foreign voice. The team will be up for the Best Team Voice Award for their work in Voice Overs On Demand.

In October of 2007 Such A Voice Producer Terry Daniel along with his co-host Trish Basanyi, a very talented female voice talent from the East coast, launched their interactive podcast Voice Overs On Demand. “The show really took off!” says Terry. “We currently have an average of 500 Downloads per show a week!” Voice-Overs On Demand has covered a variety of topics on the voice over industry since there initial episode, “Starting out in the voice over Business”. In episode 5 of the show Terry and Trish sit down with David Cicarelli who is the founder of which facilitates the connection between voice-over talent and the work that is available. Most recently they sat down with Talent Agent Phil Cassese to discuss some of the specifics of what an agent looks for in a voice talent.

Trish entered the industry in 2001 with a small restaurant/bar voice-over job. Since then she has worked with Verizon, Pepsi, and Wal-Mart to name a few. More recently she has become the on-going voice for the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.

Terry has been in the industry since 1994 when he landed his first radio job co-hosting a movie review program for a small FM station in the Twin Cities. “It’s always something I wanted to do. I got my first microphone when I was 8 years old and have never put it down.” You can find Terry hosting Voice Overs On Demand as well as teaching Intro to Voice-Over courses for Such A Voice.

Although Terry and Trish are hoping to take home the award, they are familiar with the stiff competition as Such A Voice student Diane Havens along with counterpart Forrest Rainier have been nominated as well. Both parties will be up against three other pairs for the Best Voice Team Award.

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